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The INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe initiative

Mercure Environmental Disaster Information System

Umweltbundesamt - expert authority of the federal government in Austria for environmental protection and environmental control.

Laboratory on Geoinformatics and Cartography

Preparation of a multi-lingual thesaurus for geoinformation support of crisis management

The objective of the presented project is to prepare a proposal of terminology unification, which would effectively facilitate communication related to prevention and management of crisis situations, creation of crisis plans, and elimination of resulting damage.

Crisis situations are of multidisciplinary nature; therefore, they have to be managed in cooperation with specialists from a number of scientific disciplines, and also with politically delegated decision-makers who often lack sufficient expert knowledge. Unification of terminology enables effective communication among individual sections of crisis management both on the management level as well as on the support level. The main focus of the project will be geoinformation support of crisis management, which will require terminological extension of traditional scientific dictionaries with terms from the area of geoinformation resources and services and cartographic modeling.

Effective tools for terminological unification are the so-called thesauri – controlled dictionaries with defined relationships of equivalence, hierarchy and association for purposes of improved data acquisition.

Creation and provision of access to a multidisciplinary multilingual thesaurus is an essential requirement for bridging professional and interlanguage differences in terminology. Unified terminology is necessary for effective management of crisis situations, retrieval of relevant geoinformation data and also for communication in case of crisis situations within individual countries as well as internationally within entire Europe .

Within the frame of the international project MEDIS (http://www.isep.at/medis), a multilingual thesaurus TED – Thesaurus on Emergencies and Disasters (http://gis.umweltbundesamt.at/medis/) was created; it is currently available in German, English and Italian versions. This thesaurus is based on a number of existing electronic terminological dictionaries (e.g. GEMET, ENVOC, UDK Thesaurus). The system already helps to overcome insufficient knowledge of terminology – also in cases of multilingual communication – and provides acceleration of communication during crisis situations in Austria . Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to extend this thesaurus with the Czech language and also other languages of the central-European area.

An important phase of the project will be establishing contact between creators and guarantors of the TED and the scientific team of the Masaryk University dealing with cartographic visualization in crisis management.

Planned activities (workshop):

  • The following main work activities are planned within the frame of the project:
  • Analysis of current status of crisis management terminology in the Czech Republic
  • Inclusion of crisis management authorities of the Czech Republic
  • Joint workshop of TED team and the Masaryk University – possibilities of translation of TED core into Czech, its utilization for crisis management in the Czech Republic , extension of TED core with selected geoinformation terminology
  • Proposal of joint project for creation of a functional model of internet portal „Multilingual thesaurus for geoinformational support of crisis management“





18.11. 2005, Novotneho lavka 5, Praha

presentations (pdf):

Řízené slovníky (tezaury) a jejich využití v geoinformatice
Petr Kubíček, Tomáš Káňa

Jazyk, slovo, slovní zásoba a slovníky
Tomáš Káňa

Enhanced Software Tools for Construction, Maintenance and Web Visualisation of Multilingual Thesauri
Wolf-Dieter Batschi, Rudolf Legat, Paolo Plini, Hermann Stallbaumer

(Mercure Environmental Disaster Information System)

Michael Hadrbolec

Thesaury & INSPIRE
Š.Kafka, M.Šplíchal, K.Charvát
Help Service Remote Sensing

Terminologie a řízené slovníky v oblasti životního prostředí
Jiří Hradec

Tezaury a sémantický web
Petr Kubíček

Řízené slovníky (tezaury) a jejich využití v geoinformatice:

workshop 18.11.2005
Novotného lávka 5, Praha

pozvánka (pdf)

program (pdf)